Audio changed on me? What happened?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by movie&concertguy, Feb 9, 2008.

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    Ok so I have an iPod Classic and I used clonedvd mobile to encode a concert dvd into mp4 format. After I completed it the first time, I realized I probably should have checked the "video" box because the concert is not shot on film - so I decided to encode the dvd again. I just chose "1 pass" but did make the file a little bit better quality so it is now about 650 megs as opposed to 450 the first time around. After re-encoding the concert dvd again, I compared the 2 files. I don't really see a difference in video quality but the second file I made - which is larger, the audio is much lower than the first file I made. Why would that be? It's driving me insane.. especially since you can't change or manipulate the audio at all (or if you can, I don't know how to do it.) Anyone have any idea what's up with this?
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