Atonement screener & Clonespec 4 error

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    I too have a screener DVD fthat generates this error. It is from Focus Features and is entitled Atonement [2007].
    When I attempt to rip it using AnyDVD it fails after about 20 seconds and AnyDVD generates a "CloneSpec4" dialog box with a single button lables "OK", which, when selected causes the ripping task to be aborted.

    Using Nero Recode 3 (part of Nero 8 Ultra) with AnyDVD, the program initially declares that analyzing will take 900+ minutes.. Windows Vista eventually (~60 seconds later) declares that the program has stopped responding.

    The disc PLAYS perfectly using PowerDVD Ultra 7.3.3304

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    Please don't post in someone elses troubleshooting thread with a problem with a different disc entirely. It makes life easier for everyone to separate them. :)

    AnyDVD doesn't officially support backing up screener discs which are watermarked. It might or might not work. I think it pretty much always fails. The movie will be officially released on March 18th.
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