Atlantic Crossing - PBS Masterpiece Miniseries 3 DVD Set

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    I’m attempting to backup “Atlantic Crossing” (PBS/Masterpiece Miniseries), a 3 DVD set. AnyDVD HD “cracks” each disc just fine, but the resulting files that will be used to burn to a blank DVD with Elby CloneDVD2, contain what appear to be “duplicate” titles (episodes) that are causing the compression quality onto a standard 4.7 GB single-layered single-sided to be unacceptable (21%). I can, of course, “pick and choose” which one of each duplicate title I want to burn to the blank DVD prior to doing so (which will provide a more reasonable compression quality of 52%), but my question is: How do I know which of the following “duplicate titles” I should pick?:

    Disc One – Title 03 or Title 39?

    Disc One – Title 04 or Title 40?

    Disc Two – Title 04 or Title 40?

    Disc Two – Title 03 or Title 39?

    Disc Three – Title 03 or Title 23?

    I’ve attached an AnyDVD logfile from each of the three DVDs in question. Thank you!
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    I don't think, there is any difference. You can pick any of them, but you must disable "keep menus".
    Exception is disc 3, which is single layer. This one you can rip to image with AnyDVD and write it with CloneDVD "write existing data".
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    Thanks, James! Will do.