ATI 3450 HDCP question

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by wayland, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. wayland

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    is bd/hd advisor and powerdvd (pdvd tells me to switch to analog rather than hdmi) claiming my card has no hdcp a software error or can they be relied upon? the manufactures website for the card i have claims it has hdcp link so i am rather confused as to why i must enable anydvd just to watch a movie.
  2. Jong

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    Are you using the latest version of the advisor tool? Even then it is possible that the tool does not support the 3450. The tool has not been updated since December.

    It detects HDCP on my 3850, but still gives a grey dot, meaning unknown compatibility (works fine though!). The 3450 was announced some time after the 38xx and the advisor could have bigger compatibility issues with it.

    Also, are you sure it is the card that BD Advisor has a problem with and not your display? For sure the 3450 has HDCP. You could have a problem with your TV or your AV Amp (if applicable).
  3. wayland

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    its the latest version as i just downloaded it, also i dont think my disply (samsung le32r74bdx) is the problem as i didnt have this problem with my old graphics card (nvidia 7300gs). i suppose as anydvd works its no big deal but its still an annoyance
  4. Jong

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    You are right your TV seems fine.

    It's only reading your reply (and re-reading your original post!) that I noticed you have a problem with PowerDVD too (not just the advisor).

    As I have not read of anyone else with an HDCP problem with the 3450 on numerous forums I can only think you have a driver installation problem. If you have not already, especially if you have just upgraded from NVidia to ATI (as I did recently), I would use e.g Driver Cleaner to completely remove all Nvidia and ATI drivers, then re-install the latest Catalyst set.
  5. wayland

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    i just uninstalled the ati drivers and used driver cleaner to remove the junk from both the nvidia and ati installs but still no joy. maybe its just a driver issue as until the 8.3 drivers were released i couldnt even use hdmi to connect to my display once the ati drivers had loaded (could see the bios but once it got to the log on i got a no signal message).

    i just updated the ticket i had with ati's support so i will see what they have to say
  6. Jong

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    I would be surprised if they released such an obviously HTPC targetted card in such a poor state, but I guess stranger things have happened. Good luck.