ATI 1950 driver and Intel DG965OT motherboard problem

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    FYI. If you are using an ATI 1950 graphics card with an Intel DG965OT motherboard, I recommend that you do not install version 7.3 of the ATI Catalyst Control Center software and drivers. If you do, you are likely to get a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) error. I'm using the 7.2 version until a fix is released. This problem is documented on the ATI website.
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    Intel D975XBX motherboard info

    I shouldn't have done it, but I installed ATI Catalyst Control Center 7.3 on my Intel D975XBX motherboard as well. Guess what, I got the same BSOD as I did on the DG965OT.

    I tried almost everything I could think of but I wasn't able to unstall 7.3, so I slept on it over night ,and as a last resort I went into bios and switched the video option from PCIE external to PCI. To my amazement, I was able to enter Vista without the BSOD and uninstall 7.3. After I restarted, I changed the bios video option back to PCIE and restarted again. Then I was able to install CCC 7.2 and all is well.

    I hope this info helps someone else.
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    ATI Catalyst Control Center 7.4

    ATI has released Catalyst Control Center version 7.4. I have installed it for my ATI 1950 based video cards and I no longer get the BSOD. It also gets rid of the error message that was displayed whenever you executed PowerDVD Ultra.