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Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by Roundtree, Apr 11, 2008.

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    I would like to upgrade my Pent4 computer that uses an Asus P4PE-X motherboard. My first thoughts was to increase the RAM to 1GB and the 128MB GeForce 440x video card to a 256MB video card. I don't have enough computer savvy to change the BIOS settings.

    The computer is used for emergencies but I recently had one that lasted a few days which made me realize that even as a backup computer its performance is not satisfactory.

    Does anyone have any ideas or experience that could help me out here?
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    The most "bang for the buck" is more RAM. 478 pin CPU's are pretty cheap and not too hard to come by. If you have P4 and are utilizing HTP, you won't notice a lot of change with a faster CPU.
    The GeForce 440x is plenty of card unless you want to game.
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    Thanks OldJoe for your reply. I don't think to change the CPU. Yesterday when I opened the case of this computer I was shocked to see that in the 1st RAM slot was a (single sided) SS 256MB memory module. In the second slot was a DDR 1GB PC3200. According to the user's guide a DIMM PC3200 requires a CPU with 800Mhz FSB. I do not know if I meet that requirement or how to find out if I do so I replaced both memory sticks with two DDR PC2700 (512MB) sticks.

    I then deleted a lot of useless files and used CCleaner (formerly Crap Cleaner) to clean up my hard drive. Having done that I defragmented the main drive. Overal performance increased a bit but not enough.

    A friend gave me a GeForce 6200 256MB sound card he is not using anymore since becoming a gamer so I took out the GeForce 440x 128MB card.

    Right now WinXP Systems tab shows this about my pc: Pentium 4 CPU 2.40Ghz, Speed 1.80Ghz, 1GB.

    Are these specs average for a Pent4 without overclocking?

    How can I safely check to see if I meet the 800Mhz FSB requirement for using a PC3200 memory module?
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    DDR PC 3200 (400Mhz) RAM will work in any FSB (400-533-800 Mhz)
    Two matched pairs of 400Mhz RAM are required to take advantage of HT (Hyper Threading). A 800Mhs FSB P4 (C) CPU and 800Mhz MOBO are also required for HT.
    A brand name and model number of your PC would be needed to relay any reliable information.
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    You are a big help OldJoe. Glad you are here. Sorry I have no model number for this pc. It was built for me awhile back.

    According to the Asus User's Manual of this mobo a CPU FSB of 800Mhz would support a DDR PC3200 memory module, Memory Frequency 400Mhz. I have a PC3200 memory module from another pc but did not install it on the P4PE-X Mobo because of not knowing if the FSB is 800Mhz.

    The manual also says that if the term Hyper-Threading Technology does not appear in the boot up menu that a CPU supporting it is not installed. I looked and did not see the term so unfortunately I don't have it.

    I will try to get you some more informatin regarding the makeup of this pc tomorrow. I found some software on the net that should help me to do this