Asus Drive Issues

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  1. g0rg0n

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    For years now my CD/DVD/BD drive would randomly disappear, not get recognized by AnyDVD or CloneCD/BD/DVD products or not play disks.

    The issue has occurred on several Asus drives throughout the years.
    My current drive is an Asus SWB-06D2X-U.

    Basically, it is the Initio driver or an update that sneaks in the Initio Driver.
    This effects all newer Windows versions Windows 7, 8.x, and 10.
    While I only use an Asus drives, the Initio driver is used by other manufactures of DVD/BD Drivers.

    The Solution:
    • Uninstall the Initio Driver
    • Uninstall any recent updates
    • Roll back from the 1511 release of Windows 10
    • If it shows up in you device manager, rollback the driver
  2. Adbear

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    I've never had an Initio driver on any of my systems. My drives always use the standard Microsoft optical driver, even the various slimline externals that I've used.

    It's strange it would need the Initio controller as for an optical driver there's no need to use one
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  3. g0rg0n

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    It's odd. I've always used whatever Windows decides for itself for the optical driver. For example last week a security patch updated the MS driver to the Initio Driver on the drive. Then I rolled back the security update, and my Microsoft optical driver was back. It must be the gremlins.