ASUS BW-16D1HT giving error message with ANYDVD HD & UHD disc

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    Hi all,

    I just got my ASUS BW-16D1HT "friendly" drive and wanted to try my first UHD backup. I got it pre-setup and tested from Alex C. (great guy) who i found in these forums. Anyway, I selected Midway which of course has screen pass issue but that's a different story. Anyway, I dropped the movie in the drive and let ANYDYD HD load it up and I not nowhere. I first tried with version, then tried Both times I got the error below just after the drive started spinning up


    hit okay and this message pops up:


    I check the status message and this appears.


    Unfortunately, I did not get far enough to produce any logs. I then tried to use MAKEMKV and had no issues at all as long as I only backup the 504 playlist. I selected 504 and there wasn't any issue with the backup.

    I did find a similar thread that has a similar error:

    but that talks about using a different drive NS60 and converting it to a UHD friendly drive using the ASUS 3.10 firmware. In that thread SamuriHL talks about:
    "If you want to truly cross flash it with a really good firmware, you can use the:

    ASUS-BW-16D1HT-3.10-WM01601-211901041014.bin "

    As per ANYDVD HD I have that firmware and a friendly drive but I still get this error. Does anyone have any idea what is going on with AnyDVD HD and this drive?

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    Yes you have a friendly drive, yes if you flashed modfied firmware it's friendly firmware. The issue here is that that disc isn't supported yet.

    Just because you have a friendly drive doesn't mean it'll automatically work with any disc. The disc itself still needs to be supported by anydvd. Which isn't the case here, yet.

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    Thanks for the response. This is my first time with UHD disc and have never seen what a unsupported disc error looks like. Not knowing what to expect and not see some other posts with the same problem, I thought unsupported disc issue might be a possibility but then figured, possibly in error, I could rule out disc support issues as others were talking about screen pass issues. In this post:

    They are talking about how the UHD version of the disc is first version that has screen pass and someone else also sent in logs. That is much further than I was able to go so I figured this was probably a error specific to my setup and AnyDVD HD as others were not reporting this error. If it was an unsupported disc, wouldn't all versions of AnyDVD HD not support it and throw the same error. Was that train of thought wrong?

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    Unsupported disc error (the one you actually have) is why this sticky exists

    Screenpass is entirely different, that's a different protection mechanism. It's pretty common in normal Blu-ray discs, but this is the first uhd disc with Screenpass. Anydvd normally handles Screenpass pretty quick once Pete gets to work on it. However in this case anydvd first needs to be able to decrypt the main disc content, before it can begin to tackle the additional Screenpass protection.

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    Okay sorry for miss interpreting the screen pass issue as a drive compatibility issue. I thought that since others got further and were able to pull logs, this was not a compatibility issue. Do you think they simply got further due to the drive hardware and firmware combination and its interactions with Anydvd HD? Do different drives manifest different errors for Anydvd HD and mine just produced this one?
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    Don't be, but you skipped part of the topic, and a key detail. "They" didn't get any further. Take a look at post 10. He used an alternate product that, in this case handled the disc.

    First anydvd needs to be able to decrypt the disc in general (regardless of YOUR actual drive & firmware), which it doesn't YET. Once AnyDVD supports the disc in general, only then does YOUR drive and firmware come into play, and after that anydvd's ability to handle the screenpass on the disc.
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    You can still make a log on a disc that doesn't decrypt. Right click on AnyDVD's icon and select create log. That's all they did.
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    See here the list of unsupported discs by AnyDVD:
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    Thank you all for the clarification. Now I understand what's going on and how to handle future issues. Much appropriated.
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