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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Argo F Yourself, Apr 22, 2021.

  1. The .astlog file seems to be cumulative since program restart. It also seems to interleave log messages for all concurrent downloads.

    I've taken to restarting anystream intermittently as I was seeing 20+mb astlogs.

    Any chance we can get an option (or just a change) to truncate the log each time the log is written? This would be simpler if you separated out per-provider astlogs. Such logs would be smaller, cleaner, and would actually match the file they were associated with.
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    You can just disable automatic log file creation: File->Settings->General->Always create a log file...
  3. I am aware. I keep them as they have occasionally been useful either to report a problem or figure out what went wrong. For example, using them to extract the URL of the manifest when the wrong language track was downloaded or when the bitrate seems lower than expected. If I didn't keep them I wouldn't care that they got unnecessarily large.
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    Do it in batches then: download a season, then File->Create log file and call it something like Season.astlog, restart ;)

    Generally, and I have no idea of what goes on under the bonnet, but one would want to keep a log of all operations from start till the end because, unless you re-initialise everything on every download, you never know what has a knock-on effect on what...
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    It is quite likely that the logging will be slightly changed in the near future.
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    Wow I never noticed this. I've been keeping my log files and after numerous downloads, my largest log is 20mb. And the log file folder is over a 1gig. I guess I should get rid of some of the older logs. :LOL:
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    That's just what I did a few days ago, when RedFox updated AnyStream.

    Besides, RedFox won't even look at any old logs anyway.

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    Where does this .astlog reside?
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    In my case, it's a subfolder in my Videos folder on my laptop. I believe that when you first install AnyStream, you can decide where your astlog files will reside on your PC or laptop.