Assasin's Creed first PC Game using DirectX 10.1

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by Webslinger, Apr 19, 2008.

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    So much for Dx10.1...
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    Interesting. Thanks!
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    Pretty scummy, Nvidia (if this is true)

    "So why did Ubisoft remove DirectX 10.1 support? The official statement reads as follows: "The performance gains seen by players who are currently playing AC with a DX10.1 graphics card are in large part due to the fact that our implementation removes a render pass during post-effect which is costly." An additional render pass is certainly a costly function; what the above statement doesn't clearly state is that DirectX 10.1 allows one fewer rendering pass when running anti-aliasing, and this is a good thing. We contacted AMD/ATI, NVIDIA, and Ubisoft to see if we could get some more clarification on what's going on. Not surprisingly, ATI was the only company willing to talk with us, and even they wouldn't come right out and say exactly what occurred.

    Reading between the lines, it seems clear that NVIDIA and Ubisoft reached some sort of agreement where DirectX 10.1 support was pulled with the patch. ATI obviously can't come out and rip on Ubisoft for this decision, because they need to maintain their business relationship. We on the other hand have no such qualms. Money might not have changed hands directly, but as part of NVIDIA's "The Way It's Meant to Be Played" program, it's a safe bet that NVIDIA wasn't happy about seeing DirectX 10.1 support in the game -- particularly when that support caused ATI's hardware to significantly outperform NVIDIA's hardware in certain situations.

    Last October at NVIDIA's Editors Day, we had the "opportunity" to hear from several gaming industry professionals about how unimportant DirectX 10.1 was, and how most companies weren't even considering supporting it. Amazingly, even Microsoft was willing to go on stage and state that DirectX 10.1 was only a minor update and not something to worry about. NVIDIA clearly has reasons for supporting that stance, as their current hardware -- and supposedly even their upcoming hardware -- will continue to support only the DirectX 10.0 feature set.

    NVIDIA is within their rights to make such a decision, and software developers are likewise entitled to decide whether or not they want to support DirectX 10.1. What we don't like is when other factors stand in the way of using technology, and that seems to be the case here. Ubisoft needs to show that they are not being pressured into removing DX 10.1 support by NVIDIA, and frankly the only way they can do that is to put the support backing in a future patch. It was there once, and it worked well as far as we could determine; bring it back (and let us anti-alias higher resolutions)."
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    It's almost second nature for nvidia

    Unfortunately for the consumer - it is not the first time Nvidia have performed such a stunt.

    When DirectX 9.0 was the new hot thing since sliced bread, Eidos shipped Tomb Raider - Angel of Darkness. It was like Assassin’s Creed a game who took advantage of the latest DirectX technology.

    Nvidia's line-up at the time was GeForce FX series of gfx-cards. Those cards’s was great in Dx8 but was inefficient rendering DX9. ATI performed well and was the speed-king as they approached DX 9.0 in simpler terms.


    Eidos did eventually release a new patch v.52 , similar fixes but without a benchmark utility.