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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Just Add Cones, Jan 3, 2021.

  1. Just Add Cones

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    I've noticed a weird combination of aspect ratios & frame rates in the streams. For example,

    NTSC - 720 x 480 , 29 fps
    PAL - 720 x 576 , 23 fps

    I've gotten streams that are 720 x 480, 23 fps or 720 x 576, 29 fps or inconsistenct from episode to episode. (for example, check out all of the variations within the seasons of Honeymooners on Amazon)

    I understand that this is not the "fault" of AnyStream. However, through the use of this software, I am now aware for the first time that these streams are not encoded in a way that's consistent. That's weird.

    Any idea why?
  2. SmegHead

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    It's just down to the resolution and framerates used by the original providers, especially stuff that was broadcast in 4:3 before 16:9 became the norm. Retaining the original resolution and framerates keeps the cost down prior to the Netflix/Amazon encoding stage.

    I'm sure if they went back to the film negatives, digitally scanned and enhanced the material then it would look significantly better. But in almost all situations, this isn't going to happen due to the amount of time and money involved.
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  3. Ron Hill

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    It's like mp3 vs hidef all over again only for video.
  4. Steve55

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    23fps is very strange though