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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by sierra117, Mar 7, 2021.

  1. sierra117

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    in the settings / downloads tab, there is an option to disable surround sound as the default.

    with this option unchecked, i start to download something and it defaults to some soundtrack that is NOT stereo (surround, 5.1, etc.).

    if i choose a video resolution once for a certain show, season and the first episode -- AS remembers that setting when it's done and return to dl the next episode.

    with audio, i also set the track but it keeps defaulting back to the surround track of the highest bitrate for the next ep. download.

    looks like a bug
  2. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team

    Thanks, I will look into that
  3. sierra117

    sierra117 Well-Known Member

    thanks i appreciate it

    noticed it on prime with a tv show.
  4. sierra117

    sierra117 Well-Known Member

    i saw the latest beta update, trying it now.
    it fixed the issue where it no longer shows surround soundtracks when the option is unchecked in settings ... thanks !
    was curious about the selected audio track .... i think AS doesn't want to remember the previous choice. it remembers the previous choice for video resolution, but for audio it is defaulting to the track on the list that's the best one (all the way at the bottom).

    not too big a deal for me, it is usually what i want. i will experiment some more to see what happens if i use another audio track choice on a dl, what comes up pre-selected for audio on the next episode dl.

    i am basically dl'ing episodes within seasons in sequential order. i can see how this particular thing could cause some hiccups if a queue were introduced to AS - because sometimes an episode in a series is encountered that does not have the same resolution options for audio or video as the others.
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