AS 1150 Hanging up and Not Responding -- maybe solved now?

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by lajoes, Jun 5, 2021.

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    running good at this far, so good.....
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    Redfox1, you're right about 'weak computers' because my other laptop, an ASUS G75V that is running Win7 Ultimate, 16GB RAM, Intel i7-3610QM @2.30GHZ. The problem that I have with this one is that it is an OLDer laptop with a modem to match. So I always know things will download slower on it, especially if I'm doing a dual download.

    But other than that, I has always handled the DL's as well as this laptop.
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    It appears that it was the Norton Anti-virus' "smart firewall" that was causing the problems after that last update a couple of days ago.

    With it being disabled for the duration of these logs, which I was able to do dual downloads, AS did not lock up or give a 'not responding' message.

    So, here are the logs, except for the last one, I was able to manually create by clicking on file/create log, without crashing AS. I hope these successive logs can help the devs .....

    And a big THANK YOU TO Firefox1, Ch3vr0n and Lowpro for your suggestions and guidance while putting up with my frustration.

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    Didnt we chat about something blocking the download. ( You called me Firefox LOL)
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    Yes, but this was not something that "I" did, that is what was throwing me for a loop.

    But I also just learned something about NAV, it creates logs too.

    I'm sure there were others, but I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it, which is where these came from - and I think the 'smart firewall' was active during these entries....

    ...added images 36 & 37.....

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    Foxes are sly creatures Redfox1!
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    Personally, I wouldn’t use Norton products. They are resource hogs and cause more problems then “solutions” they offer. Stick with Defender, and use a Standard User account. Put a strong password on the built-in Admin account. You don’t even need to login with the Admin account to perform the most common Admin tasks.

    Don’t ever run multiple AV products, especially if they are running in “real-time protection” mode. I use Malwarebytes (free version) only as a secondary scanner that I run manually. I don’t even activate the free 30 day trial because Defender is my primary coupled with a Standard account.

    As for running simultaneous “streams” with APV, NF & D+... I do that all the time. It works great. I build my watch list using my iPad, and then use that to go off of when “AnyStreaming” between providers.

    Get rid of Norton and all that other garbage and your system will function a lot better.
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    Thanks for the advice Zero269.

    I've noticed that Norton does use a lot of resources and I've started to look for a replacement product. I was thinking about 1) Total AV or 2) PCMatic.

    But since Defender is already apart of Win10, I'll give it a shot, especially since it doesn't require a download.

    And I too have used Malwarebytes manually as a secondary backup.

    I'll report later today on how things go.
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  9. Ch3vr0n

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    Last time i used norton was back in 2004, back when you could still backdate your clock and pull in new virus definitions :D Since then it became nothing but bloatware and severely slows down a system. If all you do is some basic websurfing and e-mail the default Windows Defender should suit you just fine. It's come a long way since initial release and even beats some paid AV's. Personally i use and highly recommend Avast (paid suite)
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    I am using AS on a Core 2 Duo @ 2Ghz with only 4 gigs of ram. It is a relatively clean install of Win10 and I didn't have issues with any slowness while downloading from NF and AP simultaneously before Since then the GUI is less responsive, even with just one download, but it seems to do the job if I leave it alone. The GUI got a bit better again with and I've definitely noticed that the AS browser is running a little faster now.

    Norton products have been resource hogs since day one. They assume the only reason you turn on your machine is to run their software. I've found fault with almost all "security" products like Norton, Avast, AVG, etc. They give you a false sense of security more than anything. The best protection against garbage is to be smart and not root around in the sewers.

    And just some advice from a white hat kind of guy, never disclose your security scheme on the internet. Always keep that under wraps. It's a lot easier to take advantage if you know what vulnerabilities to target in the first place
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    Hey Zero269, after today's adventure with AV software, I need an AA!

    And Vzxy is right about 'security' products and their false advertising = sense of security! Talk about all the different ways to reel you into buying their products. They really know which features to hold back on to entice you.

    I tried several trial versions of various AV products out there, had them do a scan, a couple quarantined some files I did not recognize. And in between trials, I knew at least MS Defender was there. During each product trail, I would use AS for a couple of DL's that I knew worked. Believe it or not, I was still having the same issues.

    Then I noticed that my context menu was screwed up.

    Now I'm starting to think malware infection...

    Then I remembered that by browser FireFox did a complete up a couple of days ago...and it has a lot of 'privacy' features in the default setup.....I know it has nothing to do with AS 'cus it's Chrome based....

    Anyway, long story short, I fixed the context menu, got an AV up and running.....and AS 1150 is working....

    I'm not even going to try and think about what could've been the problem for now....

    Thanks for letting me rant while you helped me work through it.
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    Love it! :ROFLMAO:
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    That latter part is what it's really about. Helping others "know their environment" as I like to say. I'm glad to hear everything is working fine for you now.