AS+ - HBOMax Batch Not Retaining Selected Audio Track


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I have noted that when doing a batch download (Super Friends cartoon series) in HBOMax that it is only retaining the audio track selected for the first episode it downloads when I select Download All. After the first episode in the season queued has processed, the batch processing then defaults the audio track on the subsequent episodes in the season to the highest bitrate available. In this case it is the 386 kbps AC-3 stereo option (equivalent to AC3 Stereo 384kbps) in the drop-down list under Audio Track. My selected preference was 134 kbps AAC-LC stereo (equivalent to AAC Stereo 128kbps), but I only saw that come through on the first episode only, as I indicated. This is not a case where my selected preference was not available for the subsequent episodes in the batched season either. The audio track option is available throughout all episodic content for the noted cartoon series.

Interestingly enough, the Video Codec offers two selections: HEVC or AVC. The preference I selected was HEVC and that selection was retained throughout all episodes, so it doesn't appear to affect the video codec option selected. It appears that this impacts only the audio track. I've batch downloaded episodes under Amazon Prime and noted that it doesn't malfunction with the Audio Track selection, but retains it throughout. However, it just so happens that with the series I've been downloading there, the option I selected was the highest bitrate anyway, so I can't definitely confirm for sure that this issue is not present there. So far, however, I've only noted it in my batch downloading with HBOMax as noted.
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