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    is it true? is it happening? am i dreaming?

    just upgraded to mainly because HBO subtitles have been mostly fixed. searched for series im interested in, selected season 3 (thats where i left it when subtitles on HBO took a dump), dowloaded first episode, episode finishes downloading... at this point im getting ready to click on series thumbnail again, then select season 3 from the drop down thingy, but! the series window didnt disappear after download of the episode 1 finished AND it remembered 'twas season 3!

    is it happening? no more 130 clicks per a 24 episode season??? more like less than half? to be sure, i closed the download window. lets try it again. episode 2, same thing. episode 3? yup, its real! download window stays put at season 3!!! woohoo! fyi, if you cancel download the download window does disappear, but i can definitely live with that.

    anyways, it is happening! 'tis not a dream! thank you, devs!
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