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Artifacts with Divx


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Jul 24, 2007

I am using CloneDVD mobile with DivX6 and for some reasons I get very ugly artifacts. I had this problem also (but much worse) with DivX5.

It seems that frame changes on fast moving scenes are not recognized correctly and thus I get ugly artifacts on the moving items, which are only updated at the end of the GOP. The artifacts are really blocks of pictures from the previous scene which are moving with the image until the next full frame.

Any clues on how to resolve this?

Ohh - this I didn't know.
I thought it uses the DivX which I have installed :)

But to come back to the Q - how can I get rid of the artifacts? Do you also have them?

increase the bitrate that you're encoding at. Clone Mobile only uses single pass encoding, so the quality will never be "the best" you can get, but it is uber fast, which is important to me when I'm loading up my ZEN Vision W.
Thank you for the help Matt! What settings do you use? Can you post the excerpt for the devices file?

During the encoding I use quality settings of 23 or more - whatever that means. Basically, I go by the target file size and set it so that a normal 90 minute film has a length of 2GB (in DivX this was more like 1,3 GB without artifacts), so I already upped the data rate...

Do you know of any way to use the actual DivX codec instead of the built-in one?

It seems that really it is only on some scene changes that the codec misses to place a full i-frame. How could I increase the sensitivity to scene changes without increasing overall data-rate?

Hi again!

To confirm the data rate: I use ~2Mbps.

Thus, I don't think the data rate is an issue - it is the i-frame recognition...
Is there any update of the codec used for encoding? Should I install anything to play back on Windows Media?

Hello again!

I did a test and encoded to .wmv - no problem, but larger file-size...

I also encoded Divx with the max settings possible but it still produces artifacts on scene change (not subtle ones, like they come in JPEG, but really major ones).
Any help on the artifacts issue in Divx is welcome. :)