Arrested Development Season 2 disk 1


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Jan 29, 2007
So i'm trying to copy AD season 2 disk 1 and almost right away i get a message that reads: a read error has occurred while reading a file. the file may be encrypted or cannot be read correctly by the dvd device. if you are using a decrypter, you may need to restart it before running 1click dvd copy.

i've tried checking my settings on my anydvd and even close it and reopened it but this doesn't seem to fix the problem. have there been problems with this show. any suggestions? i've got the most updated versions of 1click and anydvd.
@ senorian,

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Have you ensured that your “Arrested Development Season 2 Disk 1” is thoroughly clean and free of any scratches?

Are you sure that AnyDVD is “activated” by ensuring that the Little Red Fox icon in the lower right hand task bar is Bright Red?

In seeing that you are only seeking assistance with “Arrested Development Season 2 Disk 1” implies that the other Disks in the series are working properly and could indicate that there is a manufacturing “flaw” in the “Arrested Development Season 2 Disk 1” rendering this particular “Arrested Development Season 2 Disk 1” impossible to copy.

i remembered that i had some CD cleaner and i tried that and i got it to work perfectly. i honestly didn't think that was the problem. guess i'll try that first next time. thanks for the reply though