Are self-destructing DVDs coming back?

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    This is strangest article I read so far, self-destructing DVDs

    Flexplay Entertainment is currently producing self-destructing DVDs once again. The DVDs destruct themselves after 48 hours of use, which serves renting purposes.

    This kind of DVD has been around for five years now in limited amounts. A person can rent a flexplay self-destructive DVD not worrying about when they watch it as long as the DVD remains sealed. Once the DVD package is opened, the DVD starts a slow chemical reaction to Oxygen. After 48 hours the DVD becomes totally unreadable. This frees both vendors and buyers from worrying about how the DVD is returned to the vendor.

    Flexplay DVDs are available for rent at $4.99 each. The DVDs don’t require a specific player which is a good advantage. But still the pricing is high. DVDs with no self-destructing features with the same content are available at $7.

    The technology hasn’t gained popularity when it was first introduced. Actually it was among “The 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time” list prepared by PC World’s writer Dan Tynan. After all, people are likely to deal with regular DVDs rather than DVDs with chemicals in them.
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    Hmmm............. you could back up one of these within 48 hours - and then use the backup and keep the origional archived for "safe-keeping" - ie loophole. You still *own* the origional DVD.

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