Are my rips slow?

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  1. Rynomite

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    Hi All,

    I have been an anydvdHD user since 09 and have not had a reason to come to the forums. Tool has always worked great (Sorry to hear of the troubles with Slysoft btw). About 2 years ago, I lost my home and my massive BD collection due to a tornado. We finally are settled enough into a new house that I have decided to re-rip my favorite movies to decrypted BD images to put onto my NAS. The first 3 rips I did (Star Wars 4-6 of course) all took around 5 hours each. This seemed much, much longer than I remembered.

    My setup is as follows:
    16gb ram
    5 * Samsung EVO 500GB SSD (current generation)
    LG BT30N BD Drive
    R9280 GPU
    Windows 10 64bit
    Current version of Anydvd downloaded the past week.
    No VCD, Daemon Tools, or Alchohol 120% installed.

    Is this a reasonable time for the hardware? Or is something wrong?
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    your cpu, ram, windows version none of that is relevant. There's only 1 thing that affects rip speed and thats how fast your optical drive can deliver the data to the harddrive. No more, no less. That and in your case if you're ripping directly to the nas, how fast the data can be transferred over the network to the NAS. If you're doing that you're running a double bottleneck that cripples data transfer
  3. Rynomite

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Not relevant at all? or just less relevant :)? I'd imagine if I was trying to run Win95 on a 486dx with 64mb of RAM, the hardware may be relevant!

    Anyway, point taken. As an FYI I am NOT ripping directly to NAS. I am ripping to local SSD, and then copy to NAS later. The 5 hours is only the local rip. From what I remembered on my last PC build from 2 years ago (which had mechanical HDD), I thought rips were around 2 hours....
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Yes, irrelevant. When it comes to ripping the only limiting factor initially is how fast the optical drive can deliver the data to the hard drive. Ram, processor none of that comes into play.

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  5. ddjmagic

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    There definitely is something wrong, it shouldn't be taking that long.
    My old slow 2x BD drive averaged about an hour each disc, my newer ones average less than 30 minutes (straight to a Server over network)

    Perhaps your BD drive is starting to fail. I'd try another, if you have one.
  6. Rynomite

    Rynomite Member

    Thanks for the input. I thought 5 hours was suspicious. I think I'll post a logfile here before I go down the hardware road.
  7. DaGoatRancher

    DaGoatRancher Well-Known Member

    I have to agree with ddmagic. Something is not right. I am using an i5 dual core processor, 16gb RAM, Win7 Pro, LG BD Reader, 7200RPM External USB drives. Average Rip time is about 30min for a BD disk. Of course I am only doing complete copies with no transcoding. It might help to know exactly how you are ripping and to what format. Transcoding to make a file smaller, or down convert HD Audio can add time to the rip process, but 5 hours is just way too long it seems.
  8. Rynomite

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    No transcoding. I am just using anydvdhd to create a decrypted iso. I am not processing that file at all. I do have an external USB 3 6x read BD drive I can try as well. Should that be under 5hrs, too? I'll try that tonight for comparison.
  9. Area51Sync

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    No more than an hour ever. Your specs are about what i run. Are you ripping to the local hard drive or to the NAS?
  10. ErichV

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  11. Area51Sync

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    SSD issue IOP's.. Try to test your SSD for failure. Add another HDD to your pc and write directly to that. Should take 1 hr for a 50GB blu-ray. Also do you have another Blu-Ray burner to try? Just try to narrow down the issue by eliminating probable causes.
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  12. Rynomite

    Rynomite Member

    Thanks for validating expected time, guys. I definitely have some sort of problem with my storage subsystem and not anydvd. Now for the troubleshooting fun...
  13. Catsrules

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    Can you watch the Bluray directly from the bluray disk? Because 5 hours per disk is longer then actually watching the movie. If your drive is having problems your should not be able to watch the movie without stuttering.
  14. Rynomite

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    I can watch it directly from the BD player. I cannot watch it from my SSD. Looks Like 3 of my 5 SSD are having some sort of issue. SMART info checks out, and both Samsung Magician and Crystal Disk Info report the disks as good. However, if I run a quick benchmark on all 5, it only returns with acceptable performance on two of the drives. So now, I will start having fun switching ports and sata cables around to see if I have bad drives/cables/or Motherboard. Here's hoping I a got a bad batch of Sata cables....
  15. Ch3vr0n

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    before you go switch out cables, check if there's new firmware first. Its not uncommon for SSDs to decrease in performance over time. Afaik the Samsung 850 suffered from that issue, a couple weeks later new firmware was released and the performance was back to good as new.
  16. Rynomite

    Rynomite Member

    Thanks for suggestion. This was actually one of the first things I did, and still saw the problems.
  17. sundansx

    sundansx New Member

    850 evo and pro never suffered the performance degradation. That was only the Samsung 840s. 850 used 3d stacked flash, 840s use tlc single layer high density flash.
  18. VirtualRipper

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    After you fix your RAID bottleneck...Make sure you didn't buy a rip locked drive.
  19. Ch3vr0n

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    Riplock used to be able to be removed with mcse, however a lot of current drives use a chipset that's not supported. Even when that (my bh16ns40 is one of those) I will rip a bd50 between 30-45min.

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  20. Turtleggjp

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    Maybe you could try ripping directly to the NAS if you suspect your SSDs are having problems. Normally, it's not good practice to write large amounts of data (like a Blu Ray ISO) to SSDs on a regular basis, especially if you're not going to keep them there. SSD flash memory cells have a limited number of write cycles, especially TLC drives. If ripping directly to your NAS is too slow as well, you might consider using a local HDD as your rip destination before you copy to your NAS.