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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by newgen2005, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. newgen2005

    newgen2005 Well-Known Member

    Anyone tried this yet? just installed it, works very well with AnyDVD region remover and lets you do screen catpures from the movie.:clap:
  2. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    There have been lots of post and a few threads about this software already from when it was still in Beta stage
  3. peterbus

    peterbus Well-Known Member

    Bought it when the trial ran out,works with hdd,wont play sd video from hdd but i use avs dvd player for sd and powerdvd recient update for disc playback.a lot of players for ,what should be one job,but it works for me.:rock:
  4. Rathbone80

    Rathbone80 Well-Known Member

    Crashes when trying to play ST S1 with Starfleet Access and cannot play Studio Canal HD-DVDs correctly. No buy for me!
  5. davinleeds

    davinleeds Well-Known Member

    Starfleet only worked well via 360. Plays sd rips from hdd, just played part of Studio Canal T2 HDDVD. And BD Canal works. Having start up problems with some bd, but they start.
  6. H8Red

    H8Red Member

    I have just installed the .109 trial and I am impressed. The GUI when launching a blu title fom mymovies is snazzy. Finally I can get that darn popup menu to work :) with my remote that is ...
    Plays my rips fine, all isos, have tried 3:10, Across the universe and tideland.
    There seems to be a bit work to be done, regarding ati acceleration. It works by all means, but it´s clealy not utilizing the GPU efficiently, I see some minor judder, which I never have in PWDVD.
    But hey... it plays so far with no hassle, and they actually communicate with their consumer on their website. Thumbs up... I might buy this, 15 days will show :)

    And best of all, they offer a trial.. a TRIAL you hear cyberlink ...
  7. spcav

    spcav Beta Tester

    Is this the version you tried?

    It is about 2 months old...
  8. peterbus

    peterbus Well-Known Member

    I see your using mymovies, does it play blu/ray via the watch button.
  9. digitalfreak

    digitalfreak Well-Known Member

  10. H8Red

    H8Red Member

    Exactly .. :)

    It does, it only supports iso formats with the new 2.43 prerelease 4.
    Now I can finally do everything with my remote, find blu-ray movie in mymovies, press play, choose either arcsoft or cyberlink (I have both installed) Arcsoft starts, movie starts.. ahhh.. enjoyment.
    When the movie ends all you do is press back on your remote, and arcsoft closes and you are back at the mymovies screen in a jiffy.
  11. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    Just installed this on my system and it's awful, my system grinds to a halt and I'm unable to switch off, I have to unplug from the mains to get it to turn off and nothing works. As soon as I remove it (by going in in safe mode) everything is working fine. Does exactly the same thing on my laptop as well. Only things I have installed are Vista 32 Business, Powerdvd 3319a, Canopus Edius, Nero 8 and Adobe Encore
  12. peterbus

    peterbus Well-Known Member

    Not well up with isos and imageburn etc,have you tried anydvdhd rips ,(blu/ray)
  13. H8Red

    H8Red Member

    Arcsoft seems to play every title I have left on filestructure also.. so :)
  14. Rathbone80

    Rathbone80 Well-Known Member

    Anybody has my problem too? I cannot navigate HD DVD menus. Bluray works fine. But HD-DVD menus don't respond to keyboard or that TMT control panel.
  15. willywonton

    willywonton Well-Known Member

    I splashed out on TMT Extreme

    But some problems I've seen.

    1. My system isn't HDCP and playback of HD-DVD and Blu-Ray is blocked from the HDD, even with AnyDVDHD active - any thoughts on why that is the case

    2. Even with Blu-Ray playback from disc and Any DVDHD active BD playback is blocked

    Played back in PDVD there is no blocking even though the system is not HDCP compliant
  16. td33398

    td33398 New Member

    Does anyone have the trial 109 version of totalmedia? I upgraded to the latest 110 and now I have all sorts of video issues. Same kind of things happened to me with powerdvd once I started to upgrade. Just looking to uninstall and install older verstion to run some tests. Can't seem to find it online. If anyone has the file that would be awesome! Contact me. Thanks.

  17. webman

    webman Member

    ARCSOFT Totalmedia

    Arcsoft plays blu-ray in the trail verison for me".:agree:Have any body try to use Win dvd9 as of yet?
  18. jbrisbin

    jbrisbin Well-Known Member

    I bought it recently, after its release in the US.

    I may just be lucky, but it has been more trouble-free than PowerDVD, Nero or Arcsoft. I was rather surprised.