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  1. transws6am

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    Hi... I have an archos 704 and with a special codec for it, it is able to play vob files. While this is nice and all, problem is that most movies are divided up into multiple vob files. Does anyone know the best way to combine these vob files into on vob? Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I realise this isnt directly a mobileDVD question, but I use mobileDVD to convert the files for it, if I want divx files. I asked this question here, because it seems to be a sorce of the most reliable people when it comes to video conversions.
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    Don't know if this is the best way but it works.
    VOBMerge by Evilmaster:

    Don't use it to join several DVDS, just use it to join a vobset from same DVD.
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    anyone else know of another program, or possibly another site that offers this same VOBMerge program, that my man is talking about here? The site he listed, gives you a corrupt file when you download it. Neither WINRAR or WINZIP will open it. Thanks in advance
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    i agree.all i got was a window that opened and a load of gibberish text/symbols/numbers.
    so try this the zip file here:
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    Thanks Mike. Got the program. You have any idea how to use it??? Might be a little over my head. Like I said was jsut looking to take the VOB files from the main movie and make them one. Thanks for your help
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    Sorry that link I gave you was a corrupt file but I see you got it anyway. Use CloneDVD2 and select Output method to "DVD Files" Save the files to your hard drive.

    Then use VOBmerge and click add files. Select the VOB files to merge. They will be something like VTS_01_1.VOB , VTS_01_2.VOB , VTS_01_3.VOB but do not select the one that has a "0" VTS_01_0.VOB. Best to do them one at a time starting with 1 then 2 etc so they are in the correct order. Hope this helps :)
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    Hi... I Would Use Dvd Shrink..."preferences" Uncheck 1 Gb Chunk Files...and Backup Without Having It In Vob For Me...