Archos 605 Wifi and MP4 (mpeg-4)

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by bgdc, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. bgdc

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    The Archos 605 uses MP4, so do I use the standard apple video to make MP4s? It seems all the Archos stuff mentions AVI but AVI is a really bad format, so I can't understand the advantage of using it instead of MP4. Is there another MP4 choice on CloneDVD mobile beyond Apple's option?

    Will those MP4s work on the Archos 605?
  2. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Well, whoever owns an Archos 605 might just as well try it and post the results.
    I don't have one, I'll be happy to add a profile if you can confirm that it works.
  3. bgdc

    bgdc Member

    We're waiting on the 605 to show up Wednesday - b-day present for my 5 year old niece - and I wanted to get a jump on converting DVDs to the right format. I'll know for certain on Wednesday but if I had an answer today, I could convert more of her movies right now in prep for the device's arrival.
  4. jtaubman

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    Just playing with my 605 and using the trial on clone mobile.

    So far I have found, you can use Mp4, but only with Mp3 sound, trying to use AAC sound prompts you to buy an additional codex from Archos.

    I have found the AVI format is working for me at the moment.

    One problem I am finding is trying to get a good profile for the 605 in Clone Mobile, but I will dig around the forums on that one.

    Just to add as an aside it plays Flash Movies nicely.

    Edit : Just to add I found this review of the 605

    There are details in there for encoding - I would be great if there was a profile for the device as it seems to be subtly different to the earlier models.
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  5. bgdc

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    I ended up buying the plugin and I use the iPod Video option. I'm ripping an avi right now but it's a 604 version so I'm not sure it will be all that great. The iPod mp4s look and sound fine.
  6. jtaubman

    jtaubman New Member

    I have "hacked" the 604 section in devices.ini to offer a resolution if 720x404 and the movie I did this morning looks wonderful.

    I would still like to use Mp4 with Mp3 encoding if any one can tell me what settings are needed in the devices.ini file.
  7. bgdc

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    So what did you put in the ini to allow that resolution?
  8. jtaubman

    jtaubman New Member

    I copied the 604 Wifi section down into a new section as follows the only changes are in bold below.

    [605 Wifi]
  9. lotuslittlefeather

    lotuslittlefeather New Member

    archos 605

    i tried to insert the [605 Wifi] and i keep getting the message "Cannot create the C:\Program Files\Slysoft\Clone DVD mobile\Devices.ini.file." What am i doing wrong?
  10. jtaubman

    jtaubman New Member

    It sounds like you are not signed on to your PC as an administrator, and therefore do not have rights to update the program files directory.
  11. iambob

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    Just bumping this thread to see if anyone has a clear answer yet on modifying the ini file to allow for the option of making mp4 files.