APV Canada Not Accessible in AS using Other Region

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  1. zero269

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    EDIT: I changed my title to reflect my issue... after determining that we need a Canada Region added to AS as an effective solution...?

    Hello DEV TEAM,

    Is there any chance you can add Canada to the list of available Regions in AS?


    I was testing APV (CA) and so I selected the Other region for this test.

    Unfortunately, within APV, selecting a different Country/Region wants to open a New Tab for the associated region. AS will not load another tab obviously, and so I am unable to access APV (CA) content, unless I'm using a regular browser.


    Thank you!

    I've uploaded a log file after trying to change the Country just in case this helps, although I'm sure it's the New Tab functionality that's the issue.

    Perhaps AS can force the New Tab to load in the existing tab...? Although I think adding it as a Region is the best approach.

    Background Info:
    • Using beta v1152
    • Win10 (v21H1) VM
    • NordVPN > Canada

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  2. albertle5ieme

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    you tried to disconnect from amazon then connect with your vpn before ?
    i'm just a simple member but if i can help (y)
  3. zero269

    zero269 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, that's not the case.
    When switching Regions within AS, it wants to open the new site in a New Tab that will require you to login. The new tab will not load because it doesn’t allow for tabbed browsing.
    You can change your Region with or without VPN.
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  4. albertle5ieme

    albertle5ieme Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks, fingers crossed (y)
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  5. Electron003

    Electron003 Well-Known Member

    Personally, I like it the way it is. AP CA loads fine for me without another region that you have to log in for.
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  6. zero269

    zero269 Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm glad everything "loads fine" for you.
    That's likely due to your default region set to Canada within your AMZ account.
    That does no one else any good outside of Canada.
    We need a single session within AS to load the URL for AMZ (CA) amazon.ca. Not every single AMZ product we use external to AS.
  7. Electron003

    Electron003 Well-Known Member

    Actually...I'm nowhere near Canada.
  8. zero269

    zero269 Well-Known Member

    The suspense is killing me... perhaps you'll enlighten us with your secret...?
  9. Electron003

    Electron003 Well-Known Member

    I'm just saying that my normal login is not Canada.

    Not trying to be difficult, but your reasoning above was that my normal login was CA.

    When I switch regions, I restart AS after changing the setting in the GUI. Lets me look at CA without issue.
  10. zero269

    zero269 Well-Known Member

    If WE can't select CA as a Region within AS settings, then how are YOU "switching regions" in AS settings that allows AS to load the amazon.ca page?
    VPN alone will not force AS to load the amazon.ca page login page.
    I've tried UK, but switching in AMZ still would not work...
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  11. Bogyo

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    :D AMZ prime video is primevideo.com so no way to see videos on amazon.ca :)
    But you have to login in Canada (with Canadian address at least) and go to primevideo.com. It' working perfectly with AS "other region" even trough VPN from Europe.
    If it's not working your VPN provider is blocked or you have no Canadian account yet.
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  12. zero269

    zero269 Well-Known Member

    AMZ would disagree with you on that...


    There is no separate login between AMZ and APV.
    Your second statement appears to contradict your first one.
    Maybe for you, but this is not true for me as I've made clear in my original post.
    Also, I do not need a VPN to login to AMZ (CA) using a browser.
    I did that for someone else just yesterday which is what prompted me to test it in AS... which led to this regional support request.
    So, if it's working for you, I would encourage you to share your secrets because @Electron003 makes the same claim but will not offer any insight, other than.... "works for me", which is what position you seem to be taking... although you did provide some relevant details about how it's working for you. However, I made it clear that those steps were already tested on my end... without success.

    So, because it only works for two people, my original request stands. If the DEV TEAM determines that adding a CA Region to the settings it the appropriate approach, then that will be great. If they analyze my log file and determine an easier solution, then that would be even better.
  13. Electron003

    Electron003 Well-Known Member

    Okay...I see what you are saying. Like Bogyo, we just use primevideo.com. I haven't gone to AMZ.ca before (I just did with my browser) and I can see that it's the same sort of thing as the UK. (Which would suggest that a CA region would be required).

    Question: Do you think there is content locked behind the CA login like it is with the UK site?
  14. zero269

    zero269 Well-Known Member

    Yes, absolutely.
    When I was checking for some else, I was able to verify a title was available for free. See this post.
  15. zero269

    zero269 Well-Known Member


    I decided to do a test by changing my Country in AMZ from US to CA using a Virtual Machine, similar to what I use for UK.
    However, with UK, I can use the UK region in AS, General Settings.

    Because there is no Canada Region in AS, I decided to try an experiment by changing the Country in my AMZ account as I did yesterday to locate a title for someone else. See this posts screenshot.

    My testing failed, due to the default page being loaded in AS was US. I logged out and restarted AS. It would start with this page:


    Surprisingly I was somehow still logged in. I could see my profile in the upper right, however when redirected to AMZ, I was prompted to sign in.
    Apparently the URL for that initial page is different, although you don't actually access APV content using that URL.
    I closed AS so I could go back to that page (above) and make sure I was completely logged out.
    Set Region within AS to Other and closed AS.
    Did a NordVPN to Canada
    Opened AS and logged in. I keep getting US APV only.

    After looking further into changing the Country in AMZ, it turns out NOT to be a safe solution. It's not even a temporary workaround when you see everything you need to do to officially change it... long term within AMZ versus Short term in AS.

    Try following this process... again and again. I don't need all of my AMZ services and content switching and messing everything else up.

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  16. terminaltrip421

    terminaltrip421 Well-Known Member

    chevron had said they needed a CA account to access CA content ....I tried getting info on what credit information was used given you'd need a credit card or bank or something registered to that country but but no one was any help on the matter. I was reading your vpn guide thinking you had done it successfully until this post popped up. glad I hadn't already signed up for a vpn.
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  17. zero269

    zero269 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure about the context he's referring to, but when I logged in to amazon.ca, I was able to access APV content using the Edge browser. See my screenshot in this post.
    Don't let this APV (CA) thing deter you. APV works with UK and Germany/Austria. NF benefits the most with VPN.
    Just get a free trial and experiment using my VPN guide. Then try another VPN service providers free trial and run through your experiments again.
    Use my technique for basic benchmarking performance so you don't waist time on slow VPN connections to certain countries. Some are much faster than others, and you want to know which one's produce better results for you.
  18. terminaltrip421

    terminaltrip421 Well-Known Member

    yeah I may try those ultimately, it just so happens I particularly care about a show available on prime in canada (a canadian show) that is otherwise only available on netflix with their potentially inferior quality.
  19. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    I said no such thing. I said there's NO SUCH thing as a ca account. Every account works as it is on about 99% of all amazon websites (at least Japan being an exception). My amz account from origin UK works as it is in at least FR, DE, NL, IT, and US and I only have 1 account.

    The ama login is universal across just about all sites. What you MAY need however is a local address and payment method (that at least the case for the US). I couldn't subscribe there without using the services of usunlocked.com to get a us based po box address and virtual visa.

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  20. curfewat9

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    This is incorrect. For Amazon Prime Video in Canada, your account must have been created on Amazon.ca using a Canada VPN, and you need a Canadian billing address as well as payment method on file. Canada is more restricted with their Prime Video services than other countries. You can access Amazon easily with a foreign account, but you can not access Prime Video with a foreign account. Do some research before you MAKE BOLD CLAIMS like that. It seems like every response you post is yelling at someone.