AppleTV Settings - Bitrate? and 720 x 480

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by stallen, May 31, 2008.

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    What is the ideal bitrate if quality is the only thing that matters? I could just go all the way to 5000kbps but I'm guessing that anything over about 3000kbps does nothing to quality and only increases file size. However, if 5000kbps does anything at all for quality I'll use it.

    Also, can I get full 720x480? The AppleTV settings are only 640x480 or 960x720. I was hoping to keep my native resolution.
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    Depends on what you are viewing it on. If it is a native 720x480 display (which your second question implies) then you can get full DVD quality, which is well over 5000kbps (around 9000kbps is the maximum for the DVD spec, IIRC). It just becomes a matter of whether you have the disk space, and if your eyes are good enough to notice any difference at normal viewing distances. You might see the difference in high-action (fast-moving) or high shadow-detail scenes - YMMV.

    As to the settings, you already have an anamorphic setting of 720x408 (full DVD minus blanking intervals, I think) available for CloneDvdMobile with Apple TV as the selected device. If you really want 720x480 then just add the following line to your device.ini file under Apple TV:
    See the sticky thread on format extensions near the top of this forum if you don't know how to do that.
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    720x 480 is DVD frame size (on US 525 line system)

    720x 480 is DVD frame size (on US 525 line system). So I made this mod to the ini. It's all text: sweet.

    I will now test on Apple TV to see if it chokes...