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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by ajafuta, Dec 20, 2007.

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    Just wanted to let the users of fine products from the SlySoft family that I bought a MacBook Pro, used Bootcamp and partitioned the hard drive installed Vista Basic. Then of course installed my AnyDVD products to see how they worked and all work better on my MacBook Pro than a pc. So the point is that now everyone has an option to use these great products even if using a Mac. And FYI Vista runs better on a mac than a PC. I have Vista Ultimate on my Sony VIAO Laptop(2.0 Duo Core, Navidia 8400, 2 gig ram) and the boot up time is only 50 seconds on the mac vs 2 minutes on the Sony.

    Hope this helps anyone who wants to use these products and requested they be available for a Mac, you now have a great option!!!

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    Well, not sure how to tweak Vista on a MAC but on PC's it's real easy to get more performance:

    1. If you have 2 gigs or more of RAM, disable any paging file or virtual memory
    2. disable "Windows Search" in your services
    3. Change Reg key 'DisablePagingExecutive' from 0 to 1 to keep the kernel 100% in memory

    You may also use the Software Explorer in Defender to tweak your start-up by disabling optional services from starting up.

    Pretty much, my Vista Ultimate boots in about 45 seconds now that all that overhead is gone. There's many more things you can do but you should research and figure out what works best for you.
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    what is it with all the "it works on mac" threads lately?

    of course it works with bootcamp, parallels and vmware - because you're running windows on a standard x86 pc which just happens to have an apple printed on it.

    hey its works on linux if you install windows within vmware, xen, qemu, kvm, virtualbox.... oh and it works on my cray-3d when i dual boot windows.

    get back to us when it works native on macosx or linux or whatever, dual booting and emulating windows doesn't count.
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    Thanks for Vista Info

    Thanks for the Vista info, it shaved 20 seconds off my Sony Viao start up time... Also, with my MacBook Pro post I was only letting mac users know they can use AnyDvd products. I had previously read a few posts requesting Slysoft for Mac support and now they have an option.

    Vista ironically still does run better on a Mac and I read on a few sites that confirmed it by actually installing it and running it against my Sony Laptop with the similiar hardware- 2.0 duo core processor, ram, etc.

    Happy Burning!!!
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    You're welcomed! I think MAC might keep important parts of the operating system in memory better than on a PC when emulating PC's or just simply has a better CPU caching scheme. Thing is Vista is set up to run on low memory situations by paging most of the OS back and forth from disk to memory. Problem is that it also does the same with programs you're running and the clash between disk swaps slows everything to a crawl. If most of the OS Kernel is kept in memory then it's only playing around with the programs as needed and will require less requests from the disk.

    I've heard people also get good results by disabling superfetch and prefetch but these are memory managment services that when disabled do give a pretty good performance boost BUT their lack of being able to page parts of your programs around keeps large sections in memory and thereby increasing "out of memory" situations. You may still get out of memory messages if you disabled virtual memory but the chances are lower if superfetch and prefetch are running.

    Additionally, you may want to get a high capacity USB drive (designed to work with Vista) and let the OS use it to further manage memory by swapping to it rather than to the disk. This feature is called "ReadyBoost".

    I actually like Vista better than XP because it has more features and I know how to tweak it and have eliminated most of the slow-ups an out of the box configuration provides. You really have to research it however and make sure your tweaks fit your software needs and hardware restrictions.

    A few final tips, make sure you only have the programs you need installeed and they don't start any services at boot up (try for a target of less than 60 services at start up). By only installing what you need, you'll keep the size of the registry small and that decreases boot up time and overall performance. Also, if and when you reach a point that you know your registry is bloated, you should do a clean install with the software that came with your PC to recover. Just back up any data files and re-do your installation and start your tweaks over again. But the biggest performance boost would be to work with 4 gigs of ram. With the above tweaks, you'll have an ass kickin' PC and a blazing Vista installation.
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    Vista is Vista............ no matter what platform it is installed on.:D

    Lots of Vista tweaks here.
    Vista Tweaks

    Black Viper
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    Thank You Very Much oldjoe!!!

    Thank you for the very informative links!!! It is great to get a more custom feel to my puter!!! Thanks again everyone for all your help getting the most from Vista.
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    I wish you the best with it and I also hope that Service pack 1 becomes a Final soon. I think its still an RC now. Let us know how Vista is progressing.
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    MacBook Pro and Connecting XBox External HD Drive

    Well I continued my experiment and connected my XBox External drive to see how it would perform(recognized and installed no problems) and I played Harry Potter(Order of the Phoeinex) and it played flawlessly on PowerDVD and Nero Showtime. So then I ripped the HD DVD to Hard Drive(via macbook pro) and 1 hour later a flawless back up with perfect playback again. Blue Ray-Planet Earth-Back up worked perfectly. I grew tired of watching on the 15 inch so I connected to the 42 inch LG Plasma.via the RGB connector.

    Seems like Everything is working better on my MacBook Pro. I do have a Sony Vaio Laptop with a built in Blue Ray Player and the picture quality via the MacBook is better, not sure why yet, the sony is hooked up via HDMI.

    Just wanted to update you on the progress of the experiment. If anyone has anything they want me to try let me know and I will post the results.

    PS. Ripping and Burning DVD's is even quicker on the macbook pro, usually 40 minutes vs. 1 hour on the sony. Dam you sony!!!

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    The laptop is short in the graphics department for BluRay