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    The original DVD plays fine. My copy had audio up to the start of the movie. The entire movie had no audio. The sub titles were visible. Upon looking at Clone DVD to see what it saw in the DVD, most of the tracks were listed as no audio. Why, and why does the original work fine? I have the latest versions of Any DVD/ Clone DVD.
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    With the original disc or the backup?

    You selected the wrong audio to backup on the original disc.

    Click http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=5033 and read fully please
    (the process described will help you to identify what the issue is even though it relates to the director's commentary)

    By the way, that film isn't in English. So you probably also want to retain the original menus in Clonedvd and also the subtitles.
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    I have a screenshot saved that you could use on that thread to give people a visual explanation of it Web.
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    O.k., thanks. Host it somewhere, and give me the link please. Then I'll add it to Whisperer's post (hopefully he won't get angry at me). I'll give you credit for the screenshot. Or just use [​IMG] in this thread, and I'll take it from there.
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    Is this fine Web?

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    Done. Thank you!
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    Glad I could help. ;)