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  1. iansilv

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    What are the plans for anydvdhd's api? the anytool is apparently being used by mymovies, what are the chances of seeing a full-blown api for it to be used by programs like mymovies?
  2. deaacs

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    If I had written AnyDVD I would write as a .DLL so that it's integrated into Windows, with a CPL for configuration. Still, I don't think it has much use as an API...
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    What is the difference? I just want mymovies to be able to most easily enable/disable the feature when ti needs to- anydvdhd messes up the disc id when identifying it for the webservice, but anydvdhd is needed to copy the disk to the hard drive.
  4. iansilv

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    anybody from slysoft? Update?
  5. iansilv

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    How about a .DLL? Bump...
  6. Peer

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    I haven't talked to James about this matter yet, so I don't know, if he has plans to add such an API.
    But if I get it right, all you are looking for, is a way to programatically enable/disable AnyDVD?

    All you need to toogle AnyDVD's state is a simple two-liner, it should work with any version of AnyDVD:

    [removed bad code]

    That's all you need.
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  7. James

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    Bad code, Peer! There may be more windows with the same window title causing unpredictable results.
    To disable / enable AnyDVD programmatically, use AnyTool:


    Make sure to wait until the AnyTool process exits before accessing the drive(s).
    (CreateProcess(), Wait for process handle to be signalled)
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  8. Peer

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    Well, it works. Bad or not...
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    Only most of the time. :p
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    Just like AnyDVD :p:p:p

    (wow, did I just say that?)
  13. Ryan

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    I think 3rd parties need the ability to:
    1. Detect the AnyDVD state, is it enabled or disabled? Is the disc ready or not?
    2. Enable/Disable AnyDVD

    For My Movies and other programs like it they would not even need the above if there was a way to get the unmodified DirectX10 DiscId.

    This later approach would be the best, maybe it could be implemented as a AnyDVD API, this API could be called instead of the DirectX API then these add-ins could identify discs even when AnyDVD is running.

    For this to be implemented in theory before AnyDVD starts to do its magic it would just call the DX10 API for DiscID and cache it until the next disc change.

    I suppose you would still need a way to detect the state of AnyDVD to see if you should call the AnyDVD DiscID API or the DX10 one (I imagine if AnyDVD was not running it would have no DiscID to share).

    This would work MUCH better than what Brian can do today with AnyTool (dont get me wrong this is a great tool) but because he has to wait a fixed amount of time to see if the disc is ready, and wait for the disc to become ready before he can do anything.

    If AnyDVD provided these capabilities it would work as fast as it does when AnyDVD is not running.

    Not to get off track but if you were to do this you could use the same DirectX10 APIs to get the name (WMP can discover the title of many DVDs when AnyDVD is off) of the DVD and you could use that to auto-populate the AnyDVD riper destination you could also propigate these values into the AnyDVD status window.
  14. iansilv

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    I am resurrecting this thread. I was hoping that you could put some thought in to an api for the program. MyMovies is using anytool, but the latency and timeout issues are preventing it from being practical. Is there any further development that could be done on this to allow anydvd to be tunred off/on, setup with an api, etc.?

    As always, you rock- I can't wait to see BD+ get bitch-slapped!