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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by venomone, Dec 1, 2022.

  1. venomone

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    Hey folks,

    just in case you cannot download stuff from AP, since 2 days there were heavily filtering out VPNs, to still use a VPN you need to have a residential IP. To get access to performant residential IPs get yourself a Mysterium VPN account. I really don't want to promote any provider here, but this is the only one I know of that has lots of residential IPs due to the nature of the product where user can rent there IP access and bandwidth. Amazon will have a hard time filtering these out, except they want to lose their customers.

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  2. DeepSpace

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    Thanks for the warning, haven't used mine for several weeks/month now. Will have to check sometime if it still works.
  3. RedFox 1

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    All the providers are filtering out VPN IPs, 90% of them will not work, and if you find one that does it will be gone in a week. Try a proxy, AS supports that.
  4. venomone

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    @RedFox1 I can't confirm this. I have access to various providers and lots of them work for me:

    Mysterium: Always works as residential IPs are in use.
    ProtonVPN: Does not work anymore, Their complete network has been banned from amazons CDN (just the CDN, not the website itself, not the pulling of playlist, only segment downloads are banned)
    VyprVPN: Always Works as they have their own Networks in use and mark them as residential, which in fact are not, but RIPE doesn't care about this stuff much. I recommend them as much as I do with Mysterium.
    Perfect-Privacy: Sadly, even if they have a good stealth capability, most VOD providers don't work with them. They directly rent small IP networks or single IPs from Datacenters all over the world, meaning you will see stuff like Lease-Web, Hetzner etc. behind their IP address. I can't recommend them for use with AnyStream

  5. venomone

    venomone Active Member

    The most important thing is that your IP is masked as residential, or it's simply not part of a VoD provider's filter. That's the first thing, the second seems to be that the IP is not overused against a specific VOD provider, which sometimes happens as VPN IPs from providers like ProtonVPN for example are shared across many users. As soon as they have too many open sessions, they exclude that specific IP. At least I had this behavior a hundred times with Amazon.
  6. DQ

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    Well at the end of the day what RF1 is saying is the case. VPN is mostly filtered and is hit and miss at best. Which are some of the reasons AS does not support their use I am fairly sure.

    Personally speaking, I have dinked with its use here and there with AS and it was troublesome enough where I just did not care to fool with it. I have more than enough content from my own region. But hey, that is just me.
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  7. zanetti

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    from my experience with a mainstream brand of VPN is that AP GER is the w.o.r.s.t. managed to snag a season and after that nada. zilch. AP US on the other hand is sweet. lol.
  8. Sodium Hypobromite

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    NordVPN is still working for me, and it's only $3 a month with a two-year plan.

    I hadn't heard of Mysterium. They claim to have over twice as many servers and to support more than twice as many countries as Nord, but they're the first metered VPN I've encountered; $2 per 75GB. Nord also has a dedicated IP option for $70 extra per year, and I don't think there's a limit. I haven't found a need for one yet.
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  9. Justin Fowles

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    Express vpn works
  10. FannyTastic

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    Only some of the Countries
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  11. Jimc115

    Jimc115 Well-Known Member

    Yup...been using Nord for years also..only ever had a problem with iPlayer...not an anystream concern....even then, switched servers and back in business.
    I'd be curious to see if AWS blocks their own VPN or others that use AWS.
  12. venomone

    venomone Active Member

    I really don't want to say that mysterium is cheap, actually it's quite expensive, but you get very clean residential IPs on the other hand.
    Another provider that always works and is free, and I really mean always free, is Cloudflare. Did you guys know that Cloudflare has a free to use VPN, have a look here:

    Actually It's marketed as "make you internet faster" But in the background this is simply a VPN that attaches a Cloudflare network IP after connecting.
    Maybe this is interesting for folks that don't rely on onto high performance connections, as you only get 100 Mbit/s out of the Cloudflare service which is fine for basic browsing and streaming and some downloads.
  13. Sodium Hypobromite

    Sodium Hypobromite Well-Known Member

    Even iPlayer works for me in the US through Nord. I know Nord isn't the best for privacy and they're a meme because of all the YouTubers shilling for them, but they seem to really be the best for global streaming.

    AWS has a VPN service?
  14. Jimc115

    Jimc115 Well-Known Member

    Yup...they do. I costs by use though
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