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Not a RedFox Issue AP CR subtitles not embedded


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Aug 13, 2014
Prime subtitles not embedding subtitles properly.
example Haikyu!! S1E1 a Crunchyroll anime, I have dl with embed subtitles and there are none, but if i dl with srt subtitles separate it works.
i also see issues with subtitles not embedding if there is extra linefeeds in subtitles, see KonoSuba S1E1 after 2 minutes.
i have attached log files, files ending in x are the embed log files.


  • Haikyu!!_S01E01_The End & The Beginning.astlog
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  • Haikyu!!_S01E01_The End & The Beginningx.astlog
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looking at konosuba, it seems srt file is out of sync with audio after 2 minutes so this one can be ignored.
looking at konosuba, it seems srt file is out of sync with audio after 2 minutes so this one can be ignored.
Does this happen only with CR subtitles or with other series and movie subtitles too?
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It's an Amazon problem. Tons of Crunchyroll videos have out-of-sync subtitles. Most are by just a few nano-seconds, but there are a few that have delays up to 1-2 minutes. I found that it mostly seem to occur with older videos, new releases usually have better sync. Amazon support admitted that issue has been brought to their attention and their tech team is looking into it. Might take them some time to fix it, though.
it seems as its a Crunchyroll Amazon problem, started happening when they added the new cr intro on the vids, the subtitle files i see have issues with extra linefeeds in between 2-3 liners and since extra linefeed is terminator, they get dropped. maybe AS can find/replace lf-lf-space with lf-space as this would fix most subs dropping issues. the out of sync is them with cr intro screwing up their timing.
thanks for verifying its not just me, thx t and team...
i did notice like konosuba they removed the kono intro during aquas speech causing the missing minute out-of-sync. seems this probably happend when they ran a conversion of time to add 20 secs for the cr intro and since the extra lf in the subtitles made them break their conversion to shift the subs.
they really need a better set of testers after the conversions and when updating subs. ugh
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It’s definitely a prime/Crunchyroll channel issue. They have a giant issue with subtitles and audio.

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It isn't just an issue with Crunchyroll on Prime. I have had problems with audio/subtitle lag with other Prime/FreeVee items as well. Especially FreeVee.

Sometimes with TV shows episodes are wrong audio/video with "correct" subs for an episode!
i think pre filtering all srt subs using find/replace lf-lf-space with lf-space would fix most subs disappearing issues on any platform. may apply to other sub exts.