AnyStream Pro licensing model

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    Really?? Read the notes on beta
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    RF operates like a typical (in the U.S. anyway) mobile, cable, or satellite provider in that it offers better deals to new customers. In that case, if I am understanding Ivan correctly, you will be able to buy AS and ASP at the same time for an extra 50 euros. Current AS users will have the pay a loyalty fee of an extra 10 euro for the upgrade. Hopefully the discount he mentions will make up for this.

    This is coming from a guy who bought a lifetime license to the the original AnyDVD HD before the switch to RedFox. They refused to honor my original license post conversion as they said they would only grandfather in users whose purchase was more recent. DK move in my opinion but what can you do? At least they admit their greed up front.
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    You have to keep in mind if they grandfathered in YOUR old license they would have had to do it for ALL thousands of other licenses, nor were you the first and only person to ask this. How do you pay for new servers, back wages (cause the former ceo ran away with any money) and new staff? Not by grandfathering in licenses, by selling them. I had to get mine just like you did again.
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    I think this is more than fair for everyone and should stop the complaining I will upgrade just as soon as the pro version is released or just purchase the pro version depends upon when it is released.(y)
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    This upgrade will be well worth the price to upgrade, especially since those of us that purchased AS Basic can get a discount for the upgrade --when RedFox releases it.
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    Just a concern about messaging: "Pro" sends a signal that it's "Professional" as in "make money using it," and that might make the Fox a target, perhaps "AnyStream Extra" or "AnyStream World" (since as AS is now branching into region-specific providers)?..
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    That's stretching things a bit far imo. There's a ton of stuff on the net marked "pro" and "ultra"
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    I wonder, will HBO and Hulu be removed once AS Pro is released? Couldn't people just stay on if they want these 2 too?
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    I am sorry to inform you that will both be only in the pro version.
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    The license authentication has a 'minimum supported version' that every now and then gets updated to a newer version based on fixes made. Providers won't disappear, they just won't be unlocked on a standard license in the release version.

    I'd guess the license authentication will get such an update to account for these new changes.

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    It is my understanding that they will both disappear from the basic version and only be in the pro version once they are out of beta. I don’t know why they would leave two icons In a program that you could not use. But after thinking about it you may be correct, it would be an easier way to upgrade to the pro version if that were the only two programs and the only differences between basic and pro. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But I do know that you won’t be actively able to use them in the basic version
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    I don't mind that it disappears, just wanted to know why you add it to AnyStream Basic.
    Hopefully Pro will be released soon with more than these two services. Both not usable outside US unfortunately.
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    Pro = Professional, there literally is no "professional" use for AS

    Ultra is another perfectly fine "upgrade" extension
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    I have two chairs in my living room and Friday night is date night. Two dollars for a ticket and that includes popcorn
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    Desperate times, desperate measures? :p
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    Desperate times, absolutely, ( Dont forget your mask) :)
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    If you will recall, Ivan's post told us to feel free to call them greedy. You should have expected at least a few of us to take him up on that. As such, it is not exactly cricket of you to deem anyone who takes issue with a business model a complainer and tell them to keep it to themselves.

    As far as you thinking the plan is fair for everyone, It is hard for some users to see that perspective when early adopters end up paying more for the product than Johnny who just wandered into the room.

    I get it though, they run a business in order to make a profit and not for the altruistic touchy feely let's hug it out kumbaya spirit of mankind. Still though, the plan, as it has been explained, mirrors the exact business practice engaged in by the larger companies who operate in the sectors I mentioned earlier. That is just a fact and there is no reason to get upset when someone points it out unless they don't like the feeling of guilt that might bubble to the surface when they see it in writing.

    Difference of opinion in billing practices or not, I still think they are doing great work and will continue to support them.
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    Before Pro gets released you should at least at some more local providers to support (currently the new ones are most-used in the US).
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    If you get that HBOMax login problem fixed I'm all in for Pro! Keep up the good work!(y)
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    I didn't say I didn't understand or even that it wasn't necessary for them to dishonor a lifetime license from slysoft. From the end user standpoint though, it still rubbed me the wrong way for you me or anybody else to have to repurchase.

    I don't hate anybody involved in this situation and like I said, "What are you going to do?" The situation is what it is and our choices were to either walk away or continue supporting them. I like the company and their product so I am still here.
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