AnyStream not working with Amazon Prime for me

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Neil Wilkes, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. Neil Wilkes

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    dr error.JPG and yet.JPG
    I try to play a stream in AS, but get an error message:
    Please see attached DR Error image
    The error tells me it is a Digital Rights Error, and I am missing a component and to go to Chrome://Components & look under 'WideVineCDM' and update it.
    I tried that but there is no update available (again I was unable to upload the image)
    Also see attached 'And Yet' image
    What am I not doing right here please?
    The exact same program I am trying to download plays just fine via the Prime Website.
    Utterly baffled, not the least of which by the almost complete lack of any documentation for AS.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    A forum search world have told you, you're clicking on the wrong button. You're clicking the browser's play/download button. You need the 'downloadables'button on the top in green text.

    Make sure you're using the latest release, the native browser buttons should be hidden

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  3. I can confirm that the native browser buttons are visible for me as well.


    You need to click the title of the film, not the button that says, "Watch Now". Once you have clicked on the title, you will proceed to the next screen where the green "Downloadables" will be visible.
  4. Neil Wilkes

    Neil Wilkes Member

    Okay, that makes sense.
    However in my defence, that button was not there last night after installation.
    So obviously the system needed to be restarted after installation - something that was not mentioned during installation, whereas with AnyDVD HD whenever the system needs a restart it tells me this.
    Can this be added to the installer please?
  5. DeepSpace

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    There is no reboot required with AnyStream.
    But after an update (was it the button takes a while till it shows up, because now it is not shown before AnyStream is done and has collectet all downloadables to avoid you get an incomplete list.
  6. Neil Wilkes

    Neil Wilkes Member

    Info appreciated, but the button still did not appear until after a system restart this morning.
    It's all working as it ought to now though.