AnyStream: My feedback after 2 days of testing

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Rathbone80, Oct 11, 2020.

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    I am using AnyStream trial now for 2 days and want to share my honest opinion.

    I admit that AnyStream is another great product. However at the current price I am not going to buy it at the moment. Why is that:

    - Very limited selection of stream providers: My focus is on Youtube and HBO Nordic.

    - 4k and HDR support missing (probably cause Amazon and Netflix don't support 4K via browser). This is a must for any recent TV show. Why would I watch a TV show in inferior quality?

    - Not able to record more than one language at a time. For me German and English is mandatory. Downloading twice and remuxing should not be necessary or AnyStream should do this for me if there is a technical restriction.

    - Not Redfox' fault: There is just not enough material on Amazon and Netflix worth downloading for a possible offline rewatch.

    - I am pretty sure that Amazon and Netflix will try to block AnyStream. Is there any guarantee that eventually the product won't be worthless in the future?
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    From what I have read so far the AnyStream is fairly new and they have a long list of features to be added. At this point, best to consider it cutting edge software that has all the benefits and drawsbacks of software that is offering something that can't be found anywhere else (AFAIK).

    Amazon, Nextflix, might be able to block it, or they may just limit browser streaming to lower quality (ie 720p) as a simple solution rather than develop a complex scheme of detecting software that captures the stream; Nextflix does not want to find themselves with an update bug in their detection process that suddenly cuts off millions of subscribers for several hours, which slams their tech support, costing the company millions. In other words, if AnyStream is just a minor nuisance to them, they are unlikely to spend much time trying to prevent it. AnyStream still requires a valid paid subscription to each streaming service, so content providers are not loosing money in that respect. And at the end of the day, it all comes down to profits made or lost in signicant amounts. :)

    Just providing my perspective; I am no expert.
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    I must admit I am of the same opinion. As a long term user of Redfox software ( I have lifetime subs of every other program in the suite) It's far too expensive and feels like Beta software when it only allows 2 services and, from what I have seen in these forums, is still very buggy. I really dont want to sink 110 Euro's into it at the minute. Maybe when its far more polished and lets me download from BBC Iplayer etc etc..