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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Phican, Oct 9, 2020.

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    I tried the VPN workaround, it didn't work for me, so let's not post workaround that is not working for everyone. I am sure a new version will be released soon. I do not know anything for sure, but I do know that its being worked on.
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    Updated post
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    Thanks for trying to help, but when we know something, it will be posted immediately. Your input is appreciated. Update with fixed Netflix login will come soon.
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    Goal of the post is really just to give an example of one place to have all problems posted. I haven't seen another like it, would be nice to have a sticky to go to that shows known issues. Otherwise you end up with multiple threads on the same issue, like the netflix login issue.

    IE, is your problem here? Don't start a new thread.

    Sometimes the best example is a live one.
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    Okay, the developers are working very hard, and I mean hard, a fix should come in the next few days so please have some patience, I know its hard to wait, even for me, but when I tell you they will fix it, it will be done correctly or not at all, so it takes a bit of time. Thank you all for your ideas and patience.
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    Hey, breaking new ground is always quite the adventure. We're lucky the tool is working as well as it is right now. Nothing says that the tool will work tomorrow and no one can guarantee how long it will continue to function. It's the provider's goal to ensure the media stays safe to sate the requirements of the producers. I think you all have done well so far, and I look forward to continue using red fox software as I have for over 8 years.