AnyStream hangs when application starts on 2nd or 3rd monitor

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Vertigo 7, Apr 25, 2021.

  1. Vertigo 7

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    Title has the gist of it.

    When it launches on what is my primary monitor, the application starts just fine. Dragging the window to other displays, it continues to function properly. But if I forget to move it back to my primary monitor before I close it, the next time it starts it'll lock up and i have to disable my 2nd and 3rd monitors to force it back to my primary display.

    Dunno if its related that my primary is running at 140hz with gsync and the other two are just at 60hz.

    Windows is patched through april, and my nvidia drivers are maybe a month or two behind. I can provide dxdiag logs if it'll help.
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    I wish I could help you on this one but I really don’t think it has anything to do with our program. I think you should get your monitor set up, so it works on one monitor. You can’t run three different applications of one program without buying three licenses
  3. Vertigo 7

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    I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here. I have one machine with 3 connected monitors. It's just an extended desktop and I'm only launching the one instance of the application. It has to do with which display it starts on.

    I'll try to illustrate below:


    If the application starts when the window opens on monitor 1, which is my primary display, it works fine. If it starts where the window opens on monitor 2 or 3, it hangs and I have to kill the task. Windows tries to make applications start in the same position they were last closed in, so if i drag the window over to monitor 2 and close the application, the next time I start it, it tries to start on monitor 2 and immediately stops responding and I get nothing but a blank white window out of it.
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    I really wouldn't think that the refresh rate has anything to do with that. It is more likely to have something to do with compositing on the 2 and 3 monitors. My guess is that its a Qt related issue. I've had serious graphical issues with Qt based apps over the years on Windows. They just don't work as well as they do on Linux.

    I forget how to do it, but there is a way to force an app to always open on a particular monitor in Windows.
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  5. Vertigo 7

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    different refresh rate may very well not have anything to do with it, I couldn't say since I didn't write the application. That's the just the only meaningful difference that I could note between those two monitors and my primary. Regardless, clearly is a bug in the software design and I'm just doing my part in reporting it. All I can do is hope the devs look at it and find a solution. If they want logs or whatever from me to help isolate the problem, i'll be happy to provide them.
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    Wait - so I run a triple monitor array on my rig - you're telling me I have to go out and buy 3 licenses for all the software I use?? BAHAHAHA!!

    @ OP - I've tried to reproduce your issue as I understand it by moving the instance of AS between monitors, quitting and relaunching but I have yet to see any misbehavior...
  7. Ch3vr0n

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    I'm afraid Redfox 1 might be missunderstanding you here. Obviously you don't need 3 licenses for 1 system that has multiple monitors. Whether there's 1 or 10 monitors attached, it's still 1 system and as such 1 license is though.

    Now if you have multiple SYSTEMS then yes multiple licenses are technically required, but Redfox staff technically condones using 1 license on 2 systems as long as only 1 system has that program active and running at any time.

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    I did misunderstand, but the issue is not an Anystream issue, at least it doesn't sound as it is, but if some here can help, please do. I thought it was 3 separate computers, I read it too fast, my bad.
  9. bipto

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    Roger that RedFox, just having a little fun... ;)

    This sounds pretty bizarre and I'm inclined to agree that this would not be an AS issue. I've tried to reproduce the described behavior on my multi-monitor setup several times over the course of my AS activities this afternoon and have yet to see any issues - AS always comes back up without error on the screen where it was last closed.

    Sorry OP, let me know if there are any other reproducible scenarios you'd like me to try...
  10. Vertigo 7

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    What GPU are you using? If Nvidia, do you have G-Sync enabled? I have seen G-Sync and Skype for Business butt heads on other than primary displays, just rendering issues, though, not hung processes. All I can say for sure is this is the only application that locks up when it launches on any of my extra monitors.
  11. bipto

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    Nvidea, no G-Sync
  12. RedFox 1

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    My single monitor is a Asus 27" G-Sync and it works just fine.