Anystream crashes when trying to download particular tv series

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Eric Cartman, Jun 29, 2021.

  1. Eric Cartman

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    I tested both: the latest regular AnyStream version as well as the latest beta AnyStream version. With both versions, AnyStream struggles to handle correctly season 7 of the following kids tv series from Amazon:
    The season 7 has 26 episodes.
    Observation #1: The download dialog lists 52 episodes available for download. The list contains the correct ones, but it's mixed up and it includes also episodes that don't belong to season 7.
    Observation #2: When I pick one of the correct season 7 episodes, then AnyStream correctly opens the dialog and allows me to select subtitles as well as the audio track. However; as soon as I confirm my selection to start the download, AnyStream crashes.

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  2. zero269

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    Anytime you see more episodes (doubled) available than should be, you’ll need to REFRESH the page. In APV, use the F5 function key. Then you should see the correct number of episodes. Now click the Downloadable button and you should be good to go.
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  3. Eric Cartman

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    This solved the problem - thank you!
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  4. RedFox 1

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    I wish I could reproduce this. I really do, just to test it, I believe you 100% but I would just like to see it, why doesnt it happen to me. Please don't tell me I am lucky, there has to be something causing this, you should not have to use a workaround. I happy you solved it but that's not the way I want everybody to fix this. I simply cannot reproduce it.
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  5. Pegasus

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    Very rare and almost impossible to reproduce.
    I had the same issue with one season of a show in the US (I think it was a season of Mythbusters) where I had every episode double in the list.
    I didn't reload the page, I just closed and reopened AS which took care of it too.

    @Eric (OP) "Es war einmal..." brings back memories - guess I have to try my VPN to Germany lol
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    Thanks Pegasus;)