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    Changelog AnyStream beta 2022-07-12

    • Fix: endless page reload loop with Prime series having many episodes
    • Change: search button enabled for search terms shorter than 3 characters
    • Change: scroll arrows only show/are active when the application has the window focus beta 2022-07-11
    • Fix: Prime series with many episodes caused AnyStream to seemingly "log out" the user by requesting unsecure (non-SSL) pages
    • Improved: request less and larger fragments while downloading, might speed up the downloads in some cases beta 2022-07-07
    • Fix: Netflix attempt to select the same bitrate when downloading multiple episodes of a season via template
    • Improved: Netflix: some very old titles weren't downloaded in HD, even though they could beta 2022-07-05
    • Improved: memory management
    • Fix: Prime downloads in previous beta, a certain type of download would possibly result in oversize and consume memory beta 2022-07-04
    • Fix: some subtitles on Netflix were identified but not downloaded
    • Change: Amazon Prime now using new Playlist implementation.
    • several improvements