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    Note: there have been many major core design changes starting with v1.3.8.2
    Therefore a number of new issues showed up and were fixed over a short series of quick updates.
    I want to thank all of you for updating, testing and reporting all those issues.
    I believe, that v1.3.8.6 now can be considered stable and if everything runs smoothly, we will provide a stable release by tomorrow.

    Changelog AnyStream beta 2022-06-30
    • Fix: occasional crash when thumbnails are delivered after a title is no longer on display (usually search results)
    • Fix: some titles on Netflix with very small fragments stalled on startup beta 2022-06-29
    • Fix: still a few Netflix titles, that failed
    • Fix: srt files no longer export webvtt content (an option for exporting webvtt content may
      be added at a later time)
    • Paramount, HBO and Hulu now using a new unified playlist core beta 2022-06-29
    • Fix: HBO 32bit overflow when downloading movies > 2GB
    • Fix/Workaround: Hulu, rare incident: can't acquire series information beta 2022-06-28
    • Fix: regression (in v1.3.8.2), Paramount failed to load playlists
    • Improved: HBO playlists beta 2022-06-27
    • Fix: some titles on Netflix failed
    • Improved: playlist handling for all providers
    • some minor fixes beta 2022-06-22
    • Improved: display more downloadable content on Prime Video (some content was not available)
    • some minor fixes