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    Note: the new providers Hulu USA and HBOmax will, during the beta phase, be available to all existing licenses and trials.
    With the final release, an AnyStream Pro license will be required for these and future provider additions. beta 2021-07-20
    • change: renamed "Hulu" to "Hulu USA" to avoid confusion with "Hulu Japan", which is not yet supported
    • new provider: HBOmax
    • many minor changes and fixes
    • updated languages beta 2021-07-15

    • fix: switch back to non-schannel SSL-API, as schannel was causing problems, mostly with Hulu
    • improved: partial implementation of SegmentTemplate support in MPD.
    • improved: more background processing when loading up provider pages, to keep the application responsive
    • change: when proxy settings are deactivated for a provider, the system proxy will be used, if set
    • some minor changes and fixes
    • updated languages beta 2021-07-05
    • fix: Hanging upon DRM certificate retrieval error.
    • improved: language names representation
    • imprived: Hulu show all entries per category
    • fix: Hulu, some shows were incorrectly labeled as not available
    • some minor changes and fixes
    • updated languages beta 2021-07-02

    • fix: possible crash in Hulu-search
    • fix: revert to HTTP/1.1 for Disney and Hulu due to a bug in the HTTP/2 Qt network implementation beta 2021-07-02

    • new provider: Hulu
    • fix: Audio language representation issues.
    • new: Add per provider proxy settings (can be used to access different countries)
    • fix: Unusually long title names are now cut to 240 characters.
    • fix: Handling of languages in the download configuration dialogs.
    • quite a lot of minor changes and fixes
    • updated languages beta 2021-06-11
    • improved: logging added for Disney to solve occasional login problems
    • workaround: optimized retry handling - less stalling due to timeouts
    • fix: Amazon SRT timestamp problem
    • several minor changes and fixes beta 2021-06-07
    • potential fix: switching from OpenSSL to Windows internal SSL api due to occasional SSL handshake errors with Netflix
    • fix: possible hang on startup during initialization
    • several network related modifications
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.