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    Download 64bit:

    Download 32bit: beta 2021-03-11
    • - Fix: temporary workaround: skip checking for available space on UNC paths
    • - Fix: Disney+ season/episode info was missing from filename
    • - Fix: strip formatting code from embedded subtitles
    • - Change: add logging to identify cause of blank disney pane
    • - Fix: Fixed sporadic download "hanging" at 100%
    • - Updated languages beta 2021-03-10
    • new: support for new provider "Disney+"
    • changed: an enormous portion of the code has been redesigned and rewriten for clarity and better modularity, newly introduced bugs are quite possible
    • changed: show provider logo on the browser page
    • new: added setup wizard for first-time initialization
    • fix: Missing bitrates for audio tracks with single option.
    • fix: Estimation of the download's remaining time now appears in the progress bar.
    • fix: Added support for partially encrypted streams.
    • new: provider tabs can be reordered through dragging
    • many, many, many, many minor fixes and improvements
    • updated and added several languages beta 2021-02-04
    • fix: Corrected view progress update for Amazon downloads.
    • improved: Extended Netflix logging.
    • improved: Set 30 seconds timeout for stream fragment downloader. Should prevent hanging with poor network conditions.
    • fix: Missing audio bitrates under certain conditions.
    • fix: Continuous page reload (Amazon).
    • improved: Left/right scroll buttons are now enabled/disabled together with the UI (were always on during Netflix download process).
    • fix: Crash on download initialization failure (Netflix).
    • improved: Extended logging.
    • fix: Changed major-brand to 'mp42'
    • fix: Amazon/Prime UI enabling/disabling is properly scheduled during the content loading process. Solves errors in displaying the list of episodes.
    • fix: Audio/video tracks inconsistencies.
    • Numerous minor fixes and improvements.
    • Updated languages 2021-01-19
    • fix: additional fix for Amazon/Prime properties retrieval.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.