AnyStream beta

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    Download 64bit:

    Download 32bit: 2020-11-07
    • Fix: Fixed missing audio tracks problem (Netflix), which used to result in AnyStream crashing.
    • Some minor fixes
    • Updated languages 2020-11-04
    • Fix: Amazon "PBR retrieval failed" error.
    • Improved: added logging
    • Some minor fixes
    • Updated languages 2020-10-28
    • Improved: Netflix supports DD+ and higher bitrates.
    • Improved: Added option to select the quality of the audio stream.
    • Improved: Added automatic retry delays (activated in case of a network error during the download process).
    • Improved: Added check for sufficient free space on disk.
    • Improved: Added logging to certain Amazon procedures.
    • many minor fixes
    • Updated languages