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    Download 64bit:

    Download 32bit: 2020-10-02
    • Fix: a broken frame early (around 10-30s) in most downloaded videos 2020-10-02
    • Fix: crash when finalizing Amazon downloads with HEVC codec
    • Change: temporarily removed HEVC due to quality being worse than AVC
      will be reintroduced as selectable choice
    • updated languages 2020-10-01
    • Improved: Changed video codec override from H264 to H265 (allows HEVC video).
    • Fix: Added default user agent string to Netflix initialization.
    • Fix: display of server-generated messagebox
    • New: check for new versions
    • Many minor fixes
    • Added languages
    • known problems (will likely be fixed in upcoming beta, available at
      - Netflix login can fail
      - Amazon browser crashes when running in a VM or over remote desktop service (opengl-problem) beta 2020-09-29
    • fix: registered licenses will allow AnyStream to run in virtual machines
    • improved: Added logout option for Netflix.
    • improved: Alert is shown when attempting to download titles that are not yet
      available on Netflix.
    • improved: Added "Show password" checkbox on Netflix login panel.
    • fix: Output file name creation mechanism supports Tab (Netflix uses Tabs from time to time).
    • fix: Corrected audio track autoselection for Netflix.
    • improved: added logging.
    • Some minor fixes
    • Added languages