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  1. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member 2022-07-13
    • Improved: language code detection for some providers with non-standard behavior
    • Fix: (regression in previous betas): queue entries were not automatically removed
    • Fix: Prime series with many episodes - sometimes an episode was missing
    • Fix: endless page reload loop with Prime series having many episodes
    • Change: search button enabled for search terms shorter than 3 characters
    • Change: scroll arrows only show/are active when the application has the window focus
    • Fix: Prime series with many episodes caused AnyStream to seemingly "log out" the user by requesting unsecure (non-SSL) pages
    • Improved: request less and larger fragments while downloading, might speed up the downloads in some cases
    • Fix: Netflix attempt to select the same audio bitrate when downloading multiple episodes of a season via template
    • Improved: Netflix: some very old titles weren't downloaded in HD, even though they could
    • Improved: memory management
    • Fix: Prime downloads in previous beta, a certain type of download would possibly result in oversize and consume memory
    • Fix: some subtitles on Netflix were identified but not downloaded
    • Change: Amazon Prime now using new Playlist implementation.
    • several improvements
  2. kazu hori

    kazu hori New Member


    ・Amazon Prime → TTML
    ・Disney+ → SRT(WEBVTT)
  3. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member

    [translation for devs]

    As for the WEBVTT for subtitles, I would like to see it restored as soon as possible.
    I have not been able to update since 1.3.8 because it downloads incomplete SRT with missing modifier information.

    Also, it would be very helpful if you could select the subtitle format for each provider.
    For example, I select the subtitle file format as follows every time before downloading.
    Amazon Prime → TTML
    Disney+ → SRT(WEBVTT)
    This is very inconvenient because it is not possible to have multiple providers download at the same time.