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  1. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member 2021-11-19
    - Changed: redesigned episode selection dialog for better overwiew
    - Improved: selection dialog remembers size
    - Change: Disney Japan is now merged with the international Disney+ implementation
    - Improved: identify invalid proxy settings
    AnyStream Plus:
    - Fix: Amazon Prime batchdownloads not starting
    - Change: remove provider queues, when removing the respective provider from the active list
    - New: allow selection of individual episodes for batch download
    - Improved: persistent queue dimensions
    - Improved: download queue finished dialog now allows to open the explorer
    - many minor changes and fixes
    - updated languages beta 2021-11-16
    - Fix: Hulu duration retrieval sometimes failed and caused incorrect header space estimations
    - Fix: over-long titles resulted in too long file names
    - Fix: show names in the queue for Amazon (season name was erroneously being used).
    - Fix: Missing audio description tracks (Amazon)
    AnyStream Plus:
    - Change: provider entries in download queue are now permanently shown (allows to pause a queue before adding titles)
    - New: reorder queue entries using the mouse
    - New: add button to show/hide the queue
    - Change: provider queues are now processed round-robin, if constraints limit the number of concurrent downloads
    - Fix: queues waiting for available quota will now automatically resume, when tokens become available
    - Fix: better autoselection of audio streams in successive season downloads
    - Fix: (attempt to fix, remains to be solidified through testing) Hulu incorrect decryption of some batch downloads
    - many minor changes and fixes
    - updated languages beta 2021-11-12
    - Fix: correctly determine write failures (disk full condition and similar)
    - Fix: occasional crashes when downloading from Amazon
    AnyStream Plus:
    - Fix: Season batch downloads missing subtitles in subsequent episodes
    - a few minor changes and fixes
    - updated languages beta 2021-11-11
    - New: AnyStream Plus now has batch download
    - Fix: Amazon browser text-selection with mouse wasn't working
    - Improved: videos now don't require finalizing anymore
    - many minor and medium changes and fixes
    - updated languages