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  1. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member 2021-10-30
    • Fix: Browser hangs on unavailable episode (Amazon), which lead to a crash when closing AnyStream.
    • Fix: possible netflix login failure
    • Change: moved Amazon progress bar, so that the browser doesn't constantly resize beta 2021-10-28
    • New: HBOMax implementation displays removal dates
    • Fix: HBOMax season ordering when seasons are intermittently missing
    • Fix: Added the previously missing support for hi-Latn.
    • Fix: Audio tracks without linguistic content are now properly identified.
    • Change: Amazon browser now properly disables during downloads and loading pages (uses off-screen rendering)
    • Improved: remove/disable more "play" buttons in Amazon browser to prevent accidental clicking
    • Fix: Implemented additional on-page data processing (Amazon). Episodes that were previously missed (sports show) are now listed properly.
    • some minor and medium changes and fixes
    • updated languages