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    Ivan Admin Staff Member 2021-10-26
    • Fix: could not save to the root directory of a drive
    • Change: AnyStream 64bit should now work on Windows 7 64-bit (32bit requirement dropped)
    • Improved: extended check for available space befor downloading
    • Fix: application could sometimes crash, if profiles were switched while the page was still being loaded
    • New: Add My list and continue watching categories to HBOMax view
    • Fix: Re-enabled user login state detector. A notification is displayed if a user is not logged in to Amazon/Prime
    • Improved: Improved logging.
    • Fix: Re-enabled display of full list of episodes when there are more than 25 episodes in a season (Amazon)
    • Improved: Improved detection of the free space available on the target storage media.
    • Fix (regression): Amazon navigation is no longer possible during Amazon downloads. Currently as a workaround, displaying a message when navigation is attempted (new browser can not yet be disabled properly).
    • Fixed HBO duration detection
    • Improved: A user is presented with error message when a page fails to load (Amazon, sometimes resulted in just a white screen)
    • many minor and medium changes and fixes
    • updated languages