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    Changelog AnyStream 2021-09-15
    - Fix: subtitles on Amazon could sometimes fail silently (by chance)
    - many minor changes and fixes
    - updated languages beta 2021-09-15
    - Improved: HBOMax now detects closed captions vs. subtitles.
    - Fix (regression): Amazon subtitles did not retain their language codes when written to HDD
    - Fix: overzealous Amazon HTML-encoded string sanitizer caused some downloads to fail beta 2021-09-14
    - Fix: downloading the same video twice could cause a broken MP4 file
    - Change: added literal "(Japan)" to the Japanese Disney+ provider, as some confused it with the US/EU version
    - New: added support for segmented subtitles (HBO)
    - Fix: HTML-encoded strings are now resolved properly.
    - some major changes to subtitle handling
    - updated languages