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    Changelog AnyStream 2021-05-31
    - improved: Added retry mechanism for the download channel setup process.
    - improved: Corrected the naming of subtitle files (when saved separately).
    - fix: Subtitles for languages with many dialects.
    - fix: Error messages contained in the title manifest (Netflix) are conveyed to the user.
    - updated languages beta 2021-05-30
    - fix: Corrected audio language identification algorithm (Amazon). This fixes missing languages in the download configuration dialog.
    - fix: Crash on reaching the download limit.
    - improved: Logging.
    - improved: Fetching HD playlist (Amazon)
    - updated languages beta 2021-05-21
    - fix: Missing audio track selection options (audio is only available in a single language)
    - fix: Missing audio track selection options (one of the tracks is missing language identification information)
    - improved: Added more logging. beta 2021-05-14
    - fix: Missing audio languages on Amazon/Prime.
    - fix: Descriptive audio tracks (Amazon). Tracks containing audio description are now properly marked.
    - improved: added logging
    - updated languages