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    We proudly present our 1st public release of AnyStream:


    Changelog AnyStream release candidate 2020-09-18
    - Fix: possible crash when mouse cursor leaves netflix item, while data for tooltip is being retrieved.
    - Fix: The last subtitle display time was not limited.
    - Fix: Netflix UI remains disabled after license related errors.
    - Fix: Proper file naming for forced subtitles (SRT/TTML).
    - Improved: Episode number alongside the episode name in the downloadables list.
    - Improved: "Postprocessing" message should be tied to the main window.
    - Improved: Now hiding the "play" buttons on Primevideo to avoid unintentional clicking
    - Changed: Prime browser now turns gray when disabled
    - Fix: TVShow season is now shown when download configuration dialog is closed.
    - Fix: changed language code for Norway from "no" to proper "nb"
    - Fix: Empty message on download cancellation.
    - Fix: vobsub generation bug (so far not observed)
    - Some minor fixes
    - Updated languages release candidate 2020-08-14
    - New: allow downloading of forced subtitles
    - New: support Full HD on Netflix
    - New: show season title in downloadables dialog
    - Fix: season ordering for names seasons ("The Sinner" was not ordered chronologically)
    - Some minor fixes
    - Updated languages
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.