Anyone used these SmartBuy discs yet for backups?

Discussion in 'CD/DVD/BD Blanks' started by Bluevyper, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. Bluevyper

    Bluevyper Active Member

    Was looking into them on newegg and amazon seems to have some decent reviews so far. I know verbatim is the best but has anyone had good success with these?
  2. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    I have never bought them, general rule of thumb if you don't care the content is still readable 6/12/18 months down the line then buy them. otherwise dig deeper into your pocket or find an alternative solution.
  3. smooth123

    smooth123 Member

    I tried them and they burned but when I played them I kept getting disc is dirty. I just tossed them. Too expensive to send back. I just use Verbatim now and I found them on eBay 100 for 21.88 and free shipping.
  4. Yaris

    Yaris Well-Known Member

    You're referring to the AZO Verbatim's right? If yes, you got a great deal. Otherwise, no.
  5. smooth123

    smooth123 Member

    Yes they were Verbatim for 21.88
  6. tectpro

    tectpro Translator (ms_MY)

    If you bought the disc already use dvd identifier to find out which is the manufacturer of the discs.
    Just because it says verbatim on the disc does not mean its verbatim quality or verbatim made.
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  7. FurryGuy

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