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    "I am Legend" I rip to HDD, I use tssplitter to join 00001 and 00006, then tsremuxer checking the vc1 and true HD audio. I always try to keep the best audio track. Processing it to a blu-ray file. When I played it PDVD 3310a froze at the same place. If I skipped past that spot not more than a few seconds it would freeze again. I tried redoing it a few times nothing worked. I tried to use tsmuxergui and there was an incompatible file. So I thought my problem may be the true HD track. So I used tsmuxer again keeping 2 audio tracks true HD and DD. The movie plays fine with the DD track.
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    so then tsmuxer doesnt accept your true hd audio.
    you should tell this to the tsmuxer author on doom9.
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    it has on some. I will post something over there about this. The other movie I had the same problem with is 300 HD